We are not an association.

We are an alliance.

We are a galvanized core of high school coaches committed to positive forward movement of leading student athletes.

The definition of ‘alliance’ is a compelling gathering of entities meld for a singular, sniper-like focus on a mission. An alliance is strategic. It’s urgent. It’s forward moving. Alliance is a word of strength and unity. Its etymology is specific in differentiating from similar words with less urgency and unction such as group, organization, or association.

Alliance is about movement.

Alliance is about mission.

Alliance is about vision.

Alliance is about voice.

The SJS High School Football Coaches Alliance is the driving voice of leadership, mentorship, motivation, and advocacy for SJS high football coaches. As a leadership organization, SJSFCA provides the highest quality representation, education, and coaching support services to SJS high school football coaches who are affiliate members.

San Joaquin Section Football Coaches Alliance

455 Capitol Ave.  Suite 604 Sacramento, California 95841